Alinatur Petfood was founded in 2008 as a result of the union of the four most important companies within the animal food sector in the Region of Murcia.

We are the most ambitious national project in the petfood sector that produces the full range of dry food for dogs and cats. That is why we have positioned as the industry with the largest production capacity at national level.

Cruelty Free Research

We think that our priority is the care of pets, so we set quality standards for accepting the raw material that we use. In this way, we previously run all the necessary tests to avoid doing researches on animals. We firmly believe that we have to work to stop animal experiments around the world.



Being a reliable and competitive brand, we produce food for pets. Our objective is to remove any process from the supply chain that does not guarantee a healthy product for the animals.



Our experience, quality of service and vision of the future encourage us to progress every day for achieving the highest quality products. These are the values we want to represent us. Therefore, our main objective is to be considered as the largest producer of dry pet food.


Our team is composed of 54 people who are divided into different specialized departments. We also share the same philosophy: all of our workers love animals.

It consists of a team with broad regulatory, planning, evaluation and control powers.

Board of Directors

The manager of the company has over than 20 years of experience in the petfood sector.


It is essential for keeping the records and information in order to meet the legal and tax requirements. This department is divided into four areas: the accounting one, two areas of customer service and a fourth area of support to the sales department.

Administration Dept.

The producing manager is responsible for the production of our dry pet food, the costs and other factors affecting their preparation. There is a department subdivided into two areas: the maintenance and production departments.

Producing Manager

It is the department in charge of coordinating and checking that all the demanding quality requirements are met. Also, its main aim is the management and control of the environmental impact.

Quality and Environment Dept.

It is divided into the national and international subdepartments. It deals with the search of exclusive distributors and contact with them.

Sales – Marketing Dept.

ALINATUR PETFOOD, S.L. empresa dedicada a la Fabricación de Alimentos para Animales de Compañía busca proporcionar productos que satisfagan las necesidades de nuestros clientes, cumpliendo los requisitos que nos especifiquen, así como esforzándonos en el respeto hacia la protección del medio ambiente.

Esta Política de la Calidad y Medio Ambiente trata de conseguirse a través de las siguientes líneas generales de actuación:

Los productos fabricados cumplen con los requisitos especificados por los clientes y primando la seguridad alimentaria de los animales de compañía.

Integración de los empleados para que realicen su trabajo totalmente involucrados en las actividades y en el logro de objetivos planteados en Alinatur.

Naturalizando el proceso de producción, utilizando productos lo más naturales, sanos y respetuosos con el medio ambiente, comprometiéndose a la mejora continua del sistema y al respecto por el medio ambiente.

Actuando mediante el establecimiento de acciones y programas orientados a la prevención de no conformidades, y de incidentes / accidentes medioambientales, buscando el compromiso de todos los empleados con la calidad del producto ofrecido a sus Clientes y con el uso sostenible de los recursos.

Tratando de establecer relaciones beneficiosas con nuestros proveedores, eligiendo los más adecuados,cumpliendo con requisitos legales o cualquier requisito que la organización suscriba.

Ubicando para que la presente Política de calidad y medio ambiente sea el marco de referencia para el desarrollo de los Objetivos medibles coherentes con la misma, que son establecidos en las funciones y niveles pertinentes de ALINATUR PETFOOD, S.L.

Reiteramos nuestro compromiso de llevar a cabo esta política, estableciéndose para ello un Sistema de Gestión de Calidad y Medio Ambiente conforme a las normas UNE-EN-ISO 9001 e UNE-EN-ISO 14001.



Leading producers of dry pet food. We are at your disposal for any question.

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